Brand Storytelling: What Is It And Why Should You Care?

Any marketer will know all about brand storytelling. The idea is as old as brands themselves. What is new, however, is the way we interact with people to tell our brand stories.

Brand Storytelling: What Is It And Why Should You Care?
Giles Taylor writes for W/Brand Design Blog
Giles Taylor, September 23, 2020

Digital channels and social media platforms have revolutionised the way we tell our story. Leveraging them to our advantage can feel complex and unchartered. But actually, there are a few things about brand storytelling that are the same as it always has been. 

Why is brand storytelling important?

But first, why is brand storytelling important? It all, of course, comes down to increasing engagement. Telling a good yarn is the surest way to capture attention. But how do we do this effectively with the plethora of platforms we now use to engage our audiences? 

That very issue links right back to the significance of brand storytelling in this day and age. There are limitless options out there for almost anything you can think of. Being unforgettable and standing out has never been more important. 

Not only this, it also encourages loyalty and allows people to feel a deeper connection with your brand. All this helps you build brand advocacy and trust.

How do brands use storytelling?

Ok, you get it. As if you didn’t already know that brand storytelling was important. The question is, how are brands using it now, with all the options we have to market our businesses?

This is a good point to go back to basics because this is what will inform what you say and where. Elements of a good brand story include:

  • Who you are?
  • Who you’re there to serve? 
  • What you do
  • Where you want to go as a business

While the just about covers the main points of the “what,” here’s a note on the “how.” Going back to the idea of a good old yarn, the whole point of a captivating story is that it, well, captivates. 

Writing in a way that engages and entertains is a big part of crafting your brand story. Along with using the right platforms in the right way. But ultimately, you have to appeal to humans, so you have to sound human. 

How do you identify a brand story?

So, here's the thing. If you want to get started with your brand story, you need to first make sure that you can pack some punch with the storytelling.

If you look to the brands that are doing it the best, you’ll notice they all ooze personality whichever platform you look them up on. Then there’s the narrative itself. Yes, you heard us right. 

Stories have to have a beginning, middle and end. Great ones may keep you in suspense or create excitement. And they always need to feel authentic. The same applies when you’re creating your brand story.

At the end of the day, brand stories are there to make your business more accessible and appealing. It’s a way of creating an experience that will entice and draw people into the world you create. What sounds more exciting, or as trusty as time itself than that?

Giles Taylor writes for W/Brand Design Blog

Giles Taylor

Giles is the founder and creative director for W/Brand. A graphic designer from Reading in Berkshire, UK, he's a dad with two wonderful children who enjoys walking and playing the guitar.  

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